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We are always grateful when our clients share their feelings and experiences with our company. We love the feedback! Below is a sampling of testimonials some of our clients have offered to share.

Anne Y., client since 2011

"As I grew older and more deeply involved with my work, I had less and less time for house cleaning. My friends at Pioneer gave me a reasonable estimate, completing their first clean in 2011. My delight is always complete when I come home—fresh-smelling carpets and furniture well vacuumed, bathrooms and kitchen immaculate. I always thank them for "taking such wonderful care of my house." And most of all, they take excellent care of their employees!!! They represent to me the perfect American company!"

R. Peters, long-time client

"You know, there's nothing better than opening the front door of my home after it's been visited by my "Pioneer Angels!" That's how I have come to refer to the amazing team of women who somehow manage to bring my house back to clean every two weeks. As soon as I open my front door and take a step inside, I am immediately greeted by sparkling wood floors, gleaming countertops and my favorite spotless glass chandelier. It only gets better from there. I turn the
corner and see shiny stainless steel appliances, a cooktop that looks as if it has never been used (I use it everyday!), clean blinds, and fresh vacuum marks in the carpet. Quite simply put, my home is beautifully clean and to top it off—it even smells clean! I am happy. My family is happy. Even the dogs are happy with their newly fluffed dog beds!! My husband calls the phenomenon "The Pioneer Effect" and has come to look forward to it every two weeks. The Pioneer Angels bring my house back to clean and make it easier for me to maintain in between my scheduled cleanings. From the bottom of my heart, a great big THANK YOU to my Angels and the amazing team at Pioneer Custom Cleaning!"

Linda B., client for over a year

"I am a newer customer with Pioneer Cleaning. I have been with this company approximately one year now and can not say enough good things about the cleaning and the staff. I am not one to normally rave about anything but I have found a gem with Pioneer Cleaning.

I started with another service and was so displeased with the service and their customer relations.  After two visits from their head of customer service and nothing had changed I was on a hunt for a new service that was going to not only do a good job cleaning but also listen and handle situations as they arise. My first visit with Pat, the owner, was impressive and eye opening. She was able to convey her strong cleaning policies and to show me how poor my previous service really was. She was clear and concise so I knew what I was to expect.  I have not been disappointed yet.

I always get a very friendly call prior to my clean date to remind me of my cleaning from the lovely Miss Audre! I have the same staff every month and they are always on time, unless otherwise notified. They are friendly, hardworking, careful and take so much pride in their job. They never hesitate to go above and beyond. Sometimes with a little one I do not always get everything picked up but they will still move things and clean!

I was looking for consistency and dependability and I truly believe I have found it in Pioneer Cleaning!" 

Dee Y., client since 2012

"Pioneer Custom Cleaning is the best thing I almost never found. After swearing off cleaning services for a variety of reasons, I happened upon a short article in a magazine I never read, which featured Pat, the founder of Pioneer. I was immediately drawn her passion for customer satisfaction and the fact that she asks potential employees "Do you know what clean is and do you care". In the year+ since we started using Pioneer, I have been thrilled with the cleanings. I know when my team leaves my house, even the things I didn't know were dirty will be clean! The ladies are wonderful, reliable and do a fantastic job. My family loves when it's a "Pioneer Day". I am more than happy to recommend this wonderful business!"

Jerry Davis, client since 1988

"If you're looking for a household cleaning service that is reliable, meticulous, reasonably priced, and attentive to the needs of demanding clients, look no further than Pioneer Custom Cleaning! I have used Pioneer for the last 25 years and they have spoiled me with their customized service and flexible scheduling! I just wouldn't be satisfied with any other cleaning service! I'm happy to recommend Pioneer!"

The Ulans, clients since 1995

"Since 1995 we have been very happy clients of Pioneer. Our family has grown up with the Pioneer family. When we moved into our new home in Clarksville, more than18 years ago, our children, Matt and Mandy were in elementary school. Now they are independent young adults: Mandy on her way to the University of Florida's Physician Assistant School, and Matt and Kristen (his wife of 2-years, now happily settled in at their new home in Canton).

Pat and her crews have been very reliable and have done top-notch work for us over all of this time. They are honest to a fault. They have cleaned our house on Fridays for all of these years. One of the highlights of our week is for Jan and me to come home from work on Friday evenings and to walk into a sparklingly clean home. Everything literally shines. And the sparkle lasts longer now that we are empty nesters.

Like any family, we have had good times and bad over this period. Pat and Bill were very supportive when Max, our Golden of 10 years passed away. It has been 12 years since he passed. Shortly thereafter, we adopted, Jessie, a 7-week old Golden. And she just passed away a couple of months ago. Pioneer has been there for us every step of the way. They have adapted to our needs over time. We have a large house and as you can imagine, it was more of a challenge for them to clean it when our children were living here. Now with just the two of us here and our third Golden, Hokie, I'm sure it is much easier for the crew to keep our home in tip-top shape.

Although we don't entertain as much as we did in the past, whenever someone has come in they mention how good everything looks. This is in large part due to the consistently excellent work Pioneer has done over almost 20 years.

Pat has not only operated a top-notch cleaning service, she has a very high sense of social responsibility. She has and continues to train many women to make them productive members of society. She treats her employees very well.

I would, without reservation, give my highest recommendation of Pioneer to any one who asks."

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