Our Cleaning Staff

We are a family-owned business, not a franchise.

Our Leadership Team

Pat Engelbach is the principal owner. Today we consider ourselves happily insane for the madness of shepherding this venture to its 30th birthday.

Our Office Manager and former Team Supervisor, is Audre Aaron. She has been with us for all but 3 of our years in business.

We are the in-house staff who you will often see in the field, supporting our cleaning teams with our on-site presence.

Pat Engelbach

Pat Engelbach

Audre Aaron

Audre Aaron


Our Professional Cleaners

Pioneer Custom Cleaning StaffOur hiring practice is quite simple. We ask applicants two questions: "Can you recognize 'clean',” and “Do you care?” If we get a “yes” to these questions, we are confident that we can train an individual to be an expert cleaner.

We use a team cleaning approach. Our teams consist of four people each, and we currently run four teams. Not only is a supervisor on every team, but every team member delivers supervisory quality work. Each team member consistently checks behind the other. In this way we all win!

We keep our employees for a very long time. You will get to know your team and grow to love them, as they you.