Our Cleaning Mission

Our Mission

Pioneer Custom Cleaning was started as a “mission” unto itself. The mission, as we understood it, was to take an historically subservient task, elevate it to a profession, and elevate the people who do it to “professionals.” As such, we do not use the term “Maid Service”, but rather, we refer to ourselves as “Professional Cleaners.” 

In this capacity, our Mission Statement is to “Honor the dignity and esteem of every person."


Our Promise

Cleaning is common sense and highly intelligent work. We promise that we will relieve you of the burden of this part of your life, by leaving you with a sparkling home after each visit.

We promise you a comprehensive clean that will please you, remembering that “what we do” points up “what we don’t do.” Unlike other cleaners, we do not embrace “rotation cleaning” (which means that, every other visit, certain parts of your home are cleaned while others are avoided).  At Pioneer, we promise to continue to do whatever was done the first time, every time. Not only will we do the obvious, but we will also include the not-so-obvious—baseboards, door trims, windowsills, wall decorations, registers/vents, ceiling fans, blinds, and the like.

There is no formal contract to sign. We continue our relationship as long as we are mutually accountable to each other. When you become a client of Pioneer, you are folded into the “family” of Pioneer, and we have certain expectations of you. We ask you to partner with us for our mutual success. That means you hold us accountable for what we say we will deliver—nothing short of old-fashioned excellence.  This is our ongoing promise to you.